Some photos of my adventures these past few months…

I saw my first snake! It was a poisenous snake and not as scary as I expected it to be. I only dared taking a picture after it crossed the path…













I went to Oregon to meet with another Missions Organization called Culture Bound. I learned all about a kids program they developed which Mercy Ships will be using in the future. So fun to connect with others that share my vision and passion for our missionary kids.















I went on a road trip to Mississippi to visit some Mercy Ships friends that just welcomed their first baby. They will be returning to the ship as a family which means I will be involved in their transition.











Meet Mercy Ships youngest crew member! She is the cutest!












Another On Boarding Program just started. Close to 40 participants from 6 different nations will be learning and growing together over the next month or so.










The On Boarding group was welcomed into the community today!









Listening to all the stories of our new volunteers and hearing God’s calling on their lives, reminds me of my own On Boarding 6 years (!) ago. God has blessed me immensely over the past 6 years. He has provided for me in many different ways through all of you, thank you!

Please continue praying for me and the work I do for Mercy Ships. The longer I do this work the more I realize I cannot do this in my own strength. I need Him, His strength, His peace, and His confirmation. Specifically the On Boarding programs can be draining for me, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Thank you to all of you that support me financially, what a blessing! If you feel led to give towards the work I do you can do so here;

the Netherlands – IBAN NL75 ABNA 0411467778 – o.v.v. Remy van den Bogaerdt 3270

the US –

Many blessings from Texas!

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