Being vulnerable is never easy. We like it when people think we’re doing great and we are in complete control. Fact is, none of us have it all together and we all know it. I desire to practice vulnerability more so that others feel more comfortable doing so as well. Let’s practice courage, shall we?







This last year has been a whirlwind of experiences, emotions, decisions, endings, and beginnings. It has been great, it has been challenging, it has been stretching, it has been refreshing. I have felt lost, scared, blessed, alone, and excited. It may have been one of the toughest years, but also one of the best.

When I left for Texas 6 weeks ago I asked God to show me that I am still on the right path, His path. This season has been a chain of answers to my prayers (and they were specific!). It was one gigantic hug from my Heavenly Father.

The funny thing with us humans is that we instantly fill our minds again with worries, fears, and doubts. Even though I am completely confident that I am right where God wants me to be I let my mind be filled with the many ‘what-ifs’.

What if I totally suck at my new job? (pardon my language)

What if I won’t find a new (church) community?

What if there will be no-one that truly knows me?

What if this transition will be too hard?

What if I can’t make ends meet financially?

What if I am not enough?

Do my friends, family, and supporters truly and fully know how much I love, appreciate, and value them?

Am I informing everyone enough of what I’m doing and what God is doing through Mercy Ships?

Will I be able to set up life (again) here in Texas so far from everything familiar?

God, what about my other desires and hopes that are so strong within me?

As these questions, doubts, and fears so often race through my mind and heart, God quiets me with His love… He sings over me with joy… and He gently reminds me that His Grace is sufficient for me.

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect
When I am weak
And all that I cling to
I lay at Your feet
Your grace is sufficient for me

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect
When I am weak
And all that I cling to
I lay at Your feet
Your grace is sufficient for me

I have been waking up with this song for the past few days. The verse that this song is based on has been popping up in various places. I think God is trying to tell me something…











When I am weak, He is strong

Where I am lacking, He will provide


My dear Remy (and you can fill in your own name here),

Let me lead you

Let me love you

Let me strengthen you

Let me transform you

Let me bless you

Let me provide for you

Let me still you

Let me humble you

Let me lift you up

Let me cover you

Let me hold you 

Let me inspire you

Let me surprise you

Let me decide for you

Let me amaze you

Let me remind you

Let me, my dear one, let me!


I will be alright… His Grace is Sufficient!

Thank you for letting me be vulnerable.

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